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Turning Krasniqi AMT Theater

"Turning Krasniqi is the story of Hannah Krasniqi, a high school senior in a small, conservative Kentucky town who transitions to become a burrnesha, a gender in his ancestral homeland of Albania. There are several problems with this, of course. Hannah has never been to Albania. Hannah doesn't know anyone who has transitioned to become a burrnesha. And Hannah has barely spoken to anyone during his entire high school career, leaving him with a pretty weak support system. Can Hannah get the support he needs in order to overcome his transphobic principal and come out according to the ancient rules of the burrnesha transition? Turning Krasniqi finds the answer to this question buried in old Albanian traditions that blossom into modern, universal truths about being who you are." - Parity Productions

Jephthah's Daughter's Name NYU Student Works Production
Assistant Director


Jephthah's Daughter's Name explores the life of a forgotten girl from The Old Testament. When Jephthah decides to sacrifice his daughter in exchange for a military win, she begs to at least experience a life of freedom before she is sent away. Her wish is granted, and she sets off with a group of friends to discover themselves. However, when they embark on this journey, they find that much of their lives have been controlled by oppressive ideologies. They find ways to break these conservative ideas of sexuality, femininity, and how to forgive your enemies.

This play was the perfect opportunity for me to push myself and allowed me to experience firsthand the power of creating work. I challenged myself as a director, created a safe space for women and non-binary actors, and helped tell a beautiful story of friendship, femininity, and new beginnings. 

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